Early voting begins March 22.


Meet Shane

Attorney and Civil Engineer Shane McNeill is looking for his opportunity to serve Spring Hill with his experience and education. He currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Spring Hill Imagination Library. In the past, Shane served as President of the Cameron Farms Homeowner's Association.


The Vision

In February 2002, Shane McNeill called Spring Hill his home. At that time, a Kroger and a McDonald's existed but not much else. Since then, Kroger built a store on Port Royal and put a flagship store in Thompson's Station. Target, Kohl's, and several other large stores moved into Spring Hill.

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Helping Out

While I would love to run a campaign without any funding or other help, I realize there is an expense to an effective campaign that is virtually unavoidable. My campaign seeks your support to pay for and distribute flyers, postcards, yard signs, and other incidental costs of running for Alderman. I'd greatly appreciate your support.



Shane is married to Melody and they have three kids: Reagan, Garrett, and Kinley. Every moment he can, Shane spends time with his family by riding bikes, playing baseball, swimming, camping, and many other activities. Reagan is a cub scout where Shane serves as a Den Leader.

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What is an Alderman?

Spring Hill operates under a Mayor-Aldermanic charter. An Alderman simply is a member of the legislative body governing the city. The Board of Mayor and Alderman makes laws that are enforced inside the city limits. This includes Zoning Ordinances that determine the land uses of parcels.

The Mayor has the authority to appoint members to various committees, the Board of Zoning Appeals, and the Planning Commission.

In the City of Spring Hill, there are four wards each represented by two Aldermen. Therefore, the Board of Mayor and Aldermen in Spring Hill has nine members. An Alderman is elected city-wide but must reside in his/her own ward. The purpose is so that each area of the city has equal representation.

How You Can Help

One, make sure you vote on or before April 11, 2013! Two, spread the word that Shane is running and is seeking support for his campaign. And three, donate to help fund Shane's campaign. Your help is much appreciated as he looks forward to serving you as Alderman.


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